FOOD&COMPANY is a grocery store created through the meeting of like-minded friends, all with the common goal of wanting to change the world through the everyday experiences and rituals. The team is made up of a vast range of backgrounds, having lived in multiple cities and countries, and worked in such sectors as international development and the corporate world. Realizing we shared the same discomforts about the many imbalances within the society–the differences between industrialized countries vs developing nations, major cities vs small towns, larger corporations vs small businesses–we began to pool our thoughts for a solution. These were the common values and ambitions that connected our team.After some very thoughtful (and lengthy!) discussions, our collective answer was simple: to change our actions as consumers. By re-examining our daily lives and living each day with care and awareness, we can rid ourselves of the hunger for ‘more’ and truly value what we already have before us. Whether enjoying some quiet reading in the park, or conversing with friends at the neighborhood pub, taking proper time to appreciate the warm and simple aspects of life doesn’t equate to giving up on success or growth. Rather, we believe this nurtures the creativity that allows us to find happiness in our everyday lives.Food is consistently central to our day-to-day lives. Sharing a delicious meal has a deeper and longer-lasting bond than one woven together with words. Each of us, on an almost daily basis, goes shopping and eats food. Wouldn’t the simple solution be, then, to slowly change the way in which we shop for this basic and central part of our lives? This is why we started FOOD&COMPANY. The ‘company’ in FOOD&COMPANY includes the company of our Partners (the producers of our food), our customers, and our neighbors– all those to whom we are connected. Our ultimate goal is to symbiotically create a spark of interest and driving force that will slowly create these changes. In order to achieve this, we will nurture a grocery store welcoming to all– a place that will make you want to keep coming back again and again.